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Our New Site!
Well a new adventure is beginning. Our site will be getting lots of pictures of our work as well as some directions to see them in person. Our goal with this site is to allow you to get a better idea of the work we do. It will help in using the site as a guide to see our costs and quality are a great value. 

We are a full General Contractor who can build your dream home from the ground up.  We also love the little jobs that keep us in contact with our customers. When I first started the business in 2004 all we did was concrete. As we began picking up repeat business our customers wanted referrals for all the other trades. I would try anything to help our customers. We began picking up landscaping and it all went crazy from there. My goal became to never say no I can't. Some jobs we broke even, there were jobs we even lost money. Doing this is not a great business plan, but it worked with our low overhead and determination to become a complete company. We learned with our customers and have grown our knowledge of construction tremendously. 

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